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Stables are Mufifn's Milkers farms that support pony play. Stables have their own equipment and resources different from dairies that facility this training. The main stable resource is Power. 

Ponies train at stables to earn levels and stats. Ponies can join Stables for bonuses but can also join a separate Dairy if they are also cows or bulls.

Stables’ have their own totals for Power, Ponies, as well as their own farm hands. 

A Stable can also be a Dairy and a Dairy can also be a Stable with upgrade packs.

A farm hand registered at a specific stable are not registered at all stables.

Owning a stable gives you control of various roles and permissions including farm hands and banning of specific livestock. With more features being added.

All treadmils and livsestock stalls are currently required to be registered at a stable. This is because all the power generated goes directly to a stable’s battery. Each stable has an unlimited battery called the “Stable Battery”. 

This means there is no limit to how much power can be collected. Each stable has their own leaderboards and awards that are given out at the end of the month. 

There are also overall competitions that put each stable against one another for various aspects.

A note on power is that, just like milk and seed, power is reset at the end of the month. So make sure to use that power up! 


Setting up a stable requires purchasing a “Stable Package” or "Stable Upgrade" (if you already own a dairy) from the Muffin’s Milkers store.

Once purchased, an item called “MM – Stable Registration” can be rezzed. If you are buying an upgrade, there is no need to register again, all components will you your existing dairy code. 

Stable registration will give you the ability to name your stable and set the stable key / code. 

This stable code is the code used to register all Muffin’s Milkers products to your stable. The stable code is always a 5 letter or number code of your choosing.

Once you have registered your stable, use the “Account Management Terminal” to get a login for the website. On the website you can rename your stable, manage farm hands, manage bans, and other aspects of your stable.

The “Account Management Terminal” is a blue terminal located at the Muffin’s Milkers main store and can be used to reset your password or redeliver your items.

Stable Roles

  • Stable Owner – Owner of the stable, has full control of the stable.
  • Farm Hand – These are your users able to feed ponies, manage bans, and join livestock to your farm. They can also assist in power deliveries.
  • Farm Hand (Manager) – This is a role given to a farm hand via the website farm hand management. A farm hand manager can manage the farm hand list just like the stable owner.
  • Ponies – Ponies that join your farm get a home bonus to their power generation. Ponies are also able to do other tasks such as training on a circle.

Stable Components

  • MM - Stable Registration – Used to register your stable and set the code inworld
  • MM – Management Terminal – This terminal is used to manage your stable inworld as well as register new cows / bulls. You also use this to set cow’s quota, breed status. This terminal is also how you register new farm hands to your dairy.
  • MM - Treadmill Stall – This is the primary power generation stall. Ponies that generate power use up a bit of stamina for each power "tick". Ponies will need to rest in a livestock stall or feed to be able to recover stamina.
  • MM - Circle Trainer – This is a common tool in pony play to train ponies. Ponies can be given quotas for circles to complete a day. Farmhands can also assist in training ponies. 
  • MM - Livestock Stall -This stall is used by ponies to recover their stamina. 


A Stable or Farm has a specific number of licenses per product. The system is sold as copy, so you can rez as many of the stalls or terminals as you want.

However, based on your total licenses, you can only have that many of active products running at a time. 

Say you have a base package with 5 active treadmills licenses and say you rez 10 treadmills. You can have 5 ponies on treadmills at once, but the 6th pony will not be allowed to sit on one of the other rezzed treadmills. 

There is also a 10 min timer for active license usage. This means that if in the same scenario, if one of the 5 active ponies moved to a different treadmills, they would need to wait 10 mins to use a different stall before the license switches over.

The reason behind licenses is to keep down on server usage and to prevent using a single farm in multiple locations. You are free to use the stable in multiple sims, as long as you have the licenses.

You can purchase new licenses for each product at the main Muffin’s Milker Store.

A stable owner can see their license on the licenses page by clicking on their farm report page.


Can a stable also be a dairy?

Yes. A stable just needs to buy a dairy package.

Is power in a stable battery reset at the end of the month?