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Medical System


The medical system involves Scanning, Treating, and Vaccinating livestock. The system uses Bull Seed as charges to complete these tasks. The medical system is designed to have a reason for bulls to milk and to give more tasks for farmhands to perform. 


  • Farm hand medical gun - the Livestock Evaluation and Wellness Device or LEWD
  • Charging station for the LEWD at the farm hands farm, powered by the Dairy Seed Tank


A farm hand can:

  •   charge the LEWD at their farms charging station
  •   scan livestock for viruses and conditions
  •   treat livestock for viruses and conditions (incurs a cost in charges)
  •   vaccinate livestock, giving 5 days coverage (cost)
  •   give a booster vaccination to livestock (3 days coverage) if a vaccination is still current (cost)


  •   contract viruses and conditions from proximity and also STD's
  •   consent to treatment and vaccinations
  •   provide the charges needed to power the LEWD by pumping seed
  •   when infected a new line on the milker (below the bonus line) will show a 💉
  •   when infected have reduced milking/pumping rates (not yet in place)

A farm owner can use the website to:

  •   decide if outside farm hands can treat the farms livestock
  •   see the farm medical records (treatments and vaccinations)

A stimulation effect for breeding bonus and artificial insemination for pregnancy will be released at a later date.


Can other farmhands treat my livestock? I’m a small dairy and don’t have enough seed, can other dairies farm hands help me?

Yes. However, by default, only your dairy farm hands can treat your dairy’s livestock. There is a security option on the website that states “Allow Outside Farm hands to Treat Livestock.” Enabling this will allow any farm hands to treat your livestock regardless of dairy.

Will medical issues affect grade?

Yes, but only slightly

How often do medical issues occur?;

The medical check is every 6 hours.