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Livestock and Dairies both have Grades. Grades are a 7 day window of the performance of Livestock. Dairy and Stable grades are a reflection of how their overall livestock are doing. 

Livestock and Dairy Grades have the following ranking: D -> C -> B -> A -> S

Livestock grades, cow and bull, are a point scale based on specific tasks and actions performed in the system. Below are the categories used to calculate grades. The values used in these categories may change in the upcoming days so not outlining those yet.

  1. Completing Quota

  2. Feeding

  3. Breeding

  4. Hours on Milker

  5. Number of items Used

  6. Single Role bonus

Ponies grades are also a reflection of how active the pony is.

  1. Completing Circle Quotas
  2. Completing Power Quota
  3. Stamina Recovered
  4. Hours on Treadmill
  5. Feeding
  6. Number of items Used

Dairy grade is an average of livestock grades for the dairy with slight wiggle room. Dairy grades are a point scale exactly as livestock grades.

The point values for grades allow for, say a cow with a high A grade to pull a high C grade cow into B for the sake of the dairy calculation. 

Dairy grades now give a bonus to the milk delivered by a dairy. Delivering from an A grade dairy will result in an overall bonus higher than say a C grade dairy. Keep in mind the previously stated supply and demand bonuses also apply. 

The purpose of the grades is to simulate the economic advantage of having a higher-quality product.  Also, the grades are intended to simply be fun. 

Having cows or bulls at grade D does not effect a dairy grade. These are simply ignored in counts and calculation

Grade Quota Bonus 

The current bonus amounts (subject to change): S = 1.5x A = 1.0x B = 0.5x C = 0.25x This bonus is calculated like this: Cow grade A with quota of 25 25 + (25 * 1.0) = 50 Moolah reward


Can taking to many items hurt my grade?

There are specific items that are not counted for grade. 

  • Feed Supplement
  • Udder Butter
  • Tank Grease

Taking too many of the other user items such as Milk+, Seed+ or Endurance can hurt your grade. 

However, this reduction is on a scale. Each extra pill over the limit has a progressively lower impact on your grade.

The stated limit for pills is not revealed but you can take a few pills each day with no ill effects on grade.

It makes no difference where the pill comes from (from your own hud or from someone elses hud).

Does hitting Exhausted hurt your grade?