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LEWD - Livestock Evaluation and Wellness Device


The Livestock Evaluation and Wellness Device is used to Diagnose, Treat, and Vaccinate livestock. This device uses Bull seed as charges for these tasks. Only farmhands can use LEWDs. LEWD is tied to your account not to a specific dairy. You can only charge LEWDs at dairies you are apart of. 


  • Scan Livestock for Medical Records
  • Treat Viruses 
  • Treat Conditions 
  • Vaccinate 
  • Booster Vaccination


All farm hands receive the LEWD device from the Gear Giver. Same as cattle prod.

Standard LEWD has 20 charges.

Charges are filled at a Dairy Seed Charger.

Charges are equal to 1 charge per 1 seed.

Seed is tied to Dairy Seed tank. 

LEWD is tied to account. Charges are tied to your account. Creating new LEWD devices will not loose charges.

Vaccinating Livestock will prevent ALL medical issues for 5 days (days subject to change)

Vaccination Booster works after 3rd day of vaccination. Gives 10 more days of protection. 

LEWD retains the last scan until timed out (2 mins).

LEWD can be accessed by touching or saying /99med

Costs for treatments and vaccines can change. Please read the cost on attaching a LEWD.

How to Scan, Treat, and Vaccinate

1.) Attach LEWD and touch the device or type /99med to retrieve the status

        Note the cost of each treatment on start up

2.) Click Medical Scan

3.) Select the Avatar you wish to scan

4.) If the livestock has an issue it will be displayed here along with any vaccination records that are current. 

5.) Select if you want to vaccinate or treat the livestock 

        NOTE you must treat the correct medical issue. Some medical issues are viruses, others are conditions

6.) Confirm the treatment or vaccination type 

7.) The livestock will then be given a notification to accept or reject the treatment 

        - If the livestock agrees to the treatment you will see a success message

        - If the livestock rejects, you will see a notice about this

        - If the livestock is afk, the device will reset within about 2 minutes

        - If you do not have enough charges for the action, you will be notified


How to Charge

1.) Be near a Seed charger that is not in use and is part of a dairy you are a farmhand of

2.) Attach LEWD and touch the device or type /99med to retrieve the status

3.) Click Charge LEWD

4.) Select the charger from the list of Chargers 

5.) Select the amount you want to charge by

6.) Confirm the Charge

7.) Wait for the LEWD to charge


How does a cow or bull get sick?

There are currently 6 different viruses and conditions. Each has their own conditions that must be met before a livestock can get a medical issue. There is also a random chance once these conditions are met that the cow will get set.

There are no medical issues that are completely random. 

Also note some medical issues are spread from breeding. So a sick cow or bull can infect others.

Are there symptoms of a medical issue?

Yes. Each medical issue will cause a performance decline from livestock in some way. Each medical issue affects livestock differently.

You will also see a icon above livestock's head when milking just under the bonus if they have a medical issue.

Is there any way to tell livestock are sick without the scanning device?

Yes. You will see a symbol in their text above a milker just under the Milking bonuses.