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Cattle Prod


*****Please note the counts, amounts, and other details given below are subject to balance changes***

This Cattle prod is designed to be used by an active registered Farm Hand. 

The Cattle prod allows for two types of shocks, Milk Boost shocks and Rp (role play) shocks. 

Milk Boost Shock Info

The amount of boost shocks a farm hand give is equal to their Farm Hand Level. 

Each level allows for 1 shock. So a level 10 Farm Hand can give 10 shocks per day. 

The max shocks a Farm Hand can have is 30. 

A Farm Hand shocks always reset at the beginning of the SL day. 

Farm hands must wait a few minutes between each shock. 

The max shocks a single cow can receive per day is 10.

Cows and bulls will be given a milk boost for a duration of time. 

If a farm hand shocks a dual role livestock (cow and bull) it will could for 2 shocks.

You can shock and cow or bull regardless of registered farm. 

Cows and bulls will be alerted that they have received a milk boost shock. 

RP Shocks

These shocks are unlimited and designed for more role play purposes. 

There is no cool down for RP shocks.

How to Use

-Click on the cattle prod or type "prod" on channel 99. example "/99prod"

-Select the type of shock you wish to give

-Select the user to give the shock to 

-Read what the result of the shock was

Other Features


--Animations : this allows you to switch animations or to disable them completely 


The Cattle Prod has never worked. Is something wrong?

The cattle prod is designed to be only used by active farm hands. You must complete at least one task in order to use the cattle prod. This include feeding a cow, milking a cow, or delivering milk. Farm hands that only join to use a cattle prod will not be able to use the cattle prod in  order to reduce abuse of alts.