Table of Contents

Management Terminal


The Muffin's Milkers terminal is the primary management method for your dairy/stable inside of SL. With the terminal, new livestock can be registered, farm hands added to your dairy, and various other settings performed.

The terminal can also allow for farm hands to add livestock to the dairy itself for a 'Home' bonus to milking. You can also set the quota and enable/disable breeding for cows using the terminal. Livestock can also update their names.

All users can also donate Moolah to the dairy from the Management Terminal.

The terminal does not allow for renaming or changing of the dairy name or keycode. Owner's of the dairy must do this on the website or dairy registration box.


You must have a registered dairy before setting up a terminal!

Only the owner of the terminal can set the Dairy Key Code

  1. Rez the terminal
  2. Click the terminal
  3. Click the owner's menu option
  4. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your Dairy Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  5. Wait for registration to message you.
  6. The text over the terminal should say your dairy's name now and is ready to be used.


Users can donate Moolah to the dairy using the Donate button.


Livestock can register with Muffin's Milkers by clicking the registration option from the terminal. Once they are registered, they can then use the Muffin's Milkers stalls and item givers.

Stat Scanning

This can option to scan livestock for their stats and status. Cows, bulls and ponies have separate stats.

User settings

Livestock can also update their names and see their quotas by clicking the 'My Stats'. 

Farm Hand Features

  • Cow / Bull / Pony Settings

    This is used to enable/disable breeding, set quotas or to register a user as livestock for the dairy.

  • Add farm hand

    This is used to add new farm hands to the dairy.

  • Ban Users

  • Enable/Disable power to the milking stalls.


How long does livestock have to wait to change dairy's?

If a livestock was part of another dairy, they must wait 7 days to change dairies. 

If you need to change quicker, please put a message in  discord for support. This will only be done on case by case basis. 

How do I update my Management Terminal?

When a product is out of version, a message in chat will appear. An owner can then touch the product, navigate to the owner menu, and request an update. 

The updater always comes with a new version of the product and an updater. 

Rez the updater and click the updater to start.

 Sometimes it is required to reset the original product via the dialog menu of the product.

Wait for the updater to finish then your product should be updated. 

If all else fails, go to the main store and and access the account terminal. Here you can click "Re-Deliver" to get a new copy of your product.