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Milk Delivery


Milk delivery is a system for filling up tanks with milk dairy produces and delivering them to a drop off location. 

This is done to earn Moolah for the dairy and the farm hand.

Milk amount in the dispensers are reset each month. 

There is no limit to the amount of milk to be dropped off. However, a farm hand can only make one drop off's per dairy per day. This means a farm hand can go to any number of dairies and drop off one tank, regardless of size.

Farm hands must by their own tanks. Dairies can not buy a tank for a farm hand.

As of Season 6, Supply and Demand now effect delivery bonuses. Dairy grades also effect the amount of Moolah a farm hand and dairy receive per delivery. 

Also note that milk dropped off to a dairy will only receive 75% of the milk delivered. 

Helpful flow chart made by Plushie

Moolah and Requirements for Tanks

Small = 25 M - 10 Liters (no level requirement) 

Medium = 50 M  - 30 Liters (level requirement 15*) 

Large  = 100 M  -  60 Liters  (level requirement 30*)

Tanks are acquired from the main store tank vendor. 

Tanks must be registered to a farm before they can be used.

Tanks can only be registered to a single farm where the farm hand works.

Tanks can be NOT be reset to use at another farm 

Milk in tanks expire (auto dump) after 72 hours

Dairy Tank

Every dairy has a dairy tank. This tank is infinite size but refreshes amounts each month. 

There is no physical model for your dairy tank so you don't need to manage it. 

Milk Dispenser

Dispensed Milk is pulled from the current month's milk amount

Dispensers are only owned by dairy owners. 

Dairy owners must register their dispensers to be able to be used

Dairy owners can set if all farm hands can use dispensers or just managers 

Milk Drop-off

Drop-off put milk from the delivery into the dairy's tank. 

Note that only 75% of the milk delivered will go to the dairy's tank.

Drop-off are only owned by dairy owners.

Dairy owners must register their Drop-off to be able to be used

Rules for delivery

A farm hand can only make one delivery a day to a specific dairy drop off. 

A farm hand can not fill a tank from a dairy their tank is not set for

A farm hand will earn Moolah for themselves and their dairy per each liter of milk delivered. 

How to use:

  1. Farm hands must purchase a tank from the tank vendor at the main store
  2. Click the tank it to setup. You will be promoted to register the tank for a dairy you are a farm hand at
  3. Go to a tank's register dairy dispenser.
  4. Click the dispenser and click dispense. Select your tank. Confirm.
  5. Wait for tank to verify transaction has been finished. Filling rates are based on the type of tank
  6. Go to the main store or to another dairy. 
  7. Click tank and select drop-off. Select drop off location. 
  8. Wait for verification of drop-off 
  9. You should receive a message confirming Moolah was rewarded

Moolah Reward Calculation 

Supply Bonus:

The supply bonus is determined by how many deliveries a dairy has done within the last 8 hours. The more deliveries a dairy does, the less the supply bonus will be. 

Demand Bonus:

The demand bonus is determined by how many deliveries a dairy has received within the last 8 hours. The more deliveries a dairy receives, the less the demand bonus will be 

Supply and Demand States (Note that Supply and Demand Bonus states can be negative values)

  • Very High +
  • High +
  • Normal
  • Low -
  • Extremely Low - 
  • Non Existent  -

Dairy Grade Bonus:

The dairy grade bonus is given for deliveries from a specific dairy based on their grade. S rank grade giving the biggest bonus with D rank giving no bonus.

Delivery Boost Moolah Item Status Bonus:

The delivery boost item will boost all incoming delivery rewards. This means that anyone delivering to a dairy with this status item active will receive more Moolah for their delivery.

User Daily Delivery Bonus:

Users will receive delivery bonus of amount * 1 Moolah reward for the first 4 deliveries made per day. This bonus will apply to user and dairy rewards. 


*Note: This bonus is per Users not farmhand. A user can spread this delivery bonus to multiple dairies they are part of or use all 4 bonuses at a single dairy.

Actual Calculation:

Farm Hand & Dairy Reward = 1 * Amount + (Amount * Grade bonus) + (Amount * Supply Bonus) + (Amount * Demand Bonus) + (Amount * Dairy Item Status Bonus)


You can wear tanks or rez them down to fill or drop off

Transfer rates can be faster for different tanks. 

You can audit and even remove your tanks by visiting the website "MyDetails"

Dairies can audit transactions from tanks by visiting their "Tanks" page on the website.


How many tanks can I wear at once?

The milk delivery system was designed to only have a user have one tank at a time. Some users have found ways to wear multiple tanks but this is not intended.

Can I rez multiple delivery tanks at once?

Yes, this is fine. 

The drop off location says "Can only be used by tank owner" when trying to drop off milk. Why is this?

To drop off milk, click the tank you are wearing, not the drop off location. The drop off location tank is only configurable by an owner where any farm hand can deliver from their own can.