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Moolah is the ingame currency for Muffin's Milkers. Moolah is used to buy items for users and for dairies. 

A user and a dairy have separate Moolah wallets and Inventory Items

Users Earning Moolah

User moolah wallets are capped at 500. However, there are specific circumstances where this can go over such as Patreon.

Cow and bull

The most common way of earning Moolah is by completing quotas. This method allows a user to earn Moolah once a day. The amount of Moolah earned by completing a quota is based on how large the quota was. 

Higher the quota, higher the reward. Each quota has a max amount.

If a livestock has a dual role, like a cow and a bull, the first quota complete will be rewarded. However, livestock can set their preferred quota by logging in and going to "My Details"

Grade also give a bonus to completed quota Moolah rewards. 

The current bonus amounts (subject to change):

S = 1.5x

A = 1.0x

B = 0.5x

C = 0.25x

This bonus is calculated like this:

Cow grade A with quota of 25

25 + (25 * 1.0) = 50 Moolah reward


Cows earn Moolah each time they deliver a calf.


Bulls earn Moolah for successfully breeding

Farm Hands

Farm hands earn Moolah by delivering calves, feeding cows, and manual milking.

Farm hand wages are earned at the end of the day. 

There is a max of 25 Moolah earned per day by farm hands.

Dairies Earning Moolah

Dairies earn Moolah mostly from donations. Donations can be given on the website or through the management terminal. 

Dairies also earn moolah each time a farm hand delivers Milk to drop off points using milk tanks

Dairy Moolah is capped at 10,000. However, there are certain circumstances this can go over such as Patreon.

Users Using Moolah

Users can use Moolah to buy items by visiting the main store and buying items through the Moolah vender. Note that a user must have a MuffinOS Hud to use the items they buy. 

Dairies Using Moolah

Dairy owners and managers can use Moolah to buy Feed, Items, and upgrades to their dairy by visiting the Moolah store on the website. 


Do I need a MuffinOS Hud to earn Moolah?


All users earn Moolah. Moolah items though require the MuffinOS hud to be able to be used. 

But you can always donate your Moolah to a dairy instead. See your details page on the website to see how much Moolah you have.

Can I buy Moolah?


Moolah is an earned currency withing the Muffin's Milkers game.

How much Moolah will my dairy get for an achievement?

250 is the standard Moolah rate for achievements. 

Note that special event Achievements will be more.