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Feed Dispenser


The feed dispenser is a machine for livestock, and farm hands, to receive feed without having to sit on a stall and be force fed.

Feed in the fridge is filled from a dairy's feed tanks.


You must have a registered dairy before setting up a feed dispenser!

You must have available feed before trying to fill a feed dispenser!

Only the owner of the terminal can set the Dairy Key Code

Owners and Farm hand Managers can manage the terminal

  1. Rez the Dispenser
  2. Click the Dispenser
  3. Click the owner's menu option
  4. Click Set Dairy
  5. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your Dairy Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  6. Wait for dairy conformation message
  7. Click the Dispenser again
  8. Click the Manager option
  9. Click fill to fill the dispenser with your desired amount of feed


Role Based Feeding

Inside the manager menu, an owner or manager can set up what roles can take feed from the machine. These roles include cow, bull, and farm hands (workers)

Feed Limit and Time Dispensing 

Owners can set the daily limit of feed to dispense to a single user and the time between dispenses by using the "Manage" option on their farm details page via the website.

Default limit is 5 per day with a 30 minute delay.

Dispensing Feed

Once filled, the dispenser can give out feed to livestock and farm hands. This feed works just the same as normal feed from the machine but without all the force feeding aspects.

Users can also have the feed available whenever they need it


Owners can refund the amount of remaining feed at any time by accessing the owner's menu.


Auditing of dispensers can be done via the website on a dairy's details page. Audits can only be seen by owner and manager workers


How do I get more feed?

Dairy owners and managers can buy feed on the Moolah Store

There are many ways to earn Moolah. But the primary methods are donations and dairy achievements 

I have feed in the dispenser but the milkers say there the dairy is out of feed.

The feed dispenser is not connected to the milk tanks. Filling the dispensers means you are taking feed from your feed tanks, which the milkers use, and putting it in the dispenser. 

Remember you can refund the feed in your dispenser if you are totally out of feed. Or go to the Moolah store to buy more feed.