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Utility Stall


The utility stall is used to support the dairy for deliveries of offspring and manual milking. Stalls are registered to a specific dairy.

Owners must set the dairy before any tasks can happen. Farm hands registered to the stall's dairy can tend to the cows in various ways.

All milk collected by the stalls go directly to the dairy.

All farm hands manual milking cows on stalls are credited for work to the dairy.

All offspring delivered on the stalls are also credited to the dairy.

All farm hands assigning in delivery on stalls are credited for work to the dairy.

The requirements for milking is to be registered in the Muffin's Milker system using a terminal as either a cow.

The requirements for delivery are than a cow has been bred and carried their calf to term (30 days)


You must have a registered dairy before setting up a utility stall!

Only the owner of the utility stall can set the Dairy Key Code

  1. Rez the utility stall
  2. Click the control box on the left hand side of the stall
  3. Click the farm hand menu
  4. You will be prompted with a textbox. Enter your Dairy Key Code. (if you don't remember your code, log into the website and visit your purchased products page)
  5. Wait for registration to message you.
  6. If you get a message saying the stall is registered to your dairy, you have completed the registration!


Manual Milking

Only cows registered with the Muffin's Milkers system can be milked. To registered a cow, use the terminal and the registration options.

All milk collected is credited to the dairy the milker is registered with.

To start milking cows must be sitting on the milker.

Once the cow is seated, a farm hand must then sit on the milker with the cow.

Cows being milked this way have a bonus for manual milking during the duration. This bonus is quite high due to needing a farm hand to be present.


Once a cow sits, a check to see if the cow is ready to delivery will occur. If the cow can deliver they will be given the option to start the process.

Once the delivery process is started, the cow will be locked in for the remainder.

Cows can reduce the time by doing actions the stall requests.

A registered farm hand can sit with the cow to deliver. Farm hands are then credited with helping.


Who and how can you change the mode of the utility milker?

A registered farm hand of the dairy can swith the mode of the utility stall.

Click on the stall control box, then select farm hand menu. You will be presented with an option to change the mode here.

Who can milk a cow on the manual milker setting?

A registered farm hand is required to do manual milking on the cow.